The vast majority of Virginia’s working watermen typically love what they do for a living, and their enthusiasm for protecting and preserving the Chesapeake Bay is both passionate and contagious. Despite all the hardships and challenges of declining fisheries, increasing costs and regulations, unpredictable weather, etc., they simply cannot imagine being anywhere else…
Now, through the watermen’s heritage tour program, you can experience the Chesapeake Bay from the unique perspective of these working watermen and help preserve the centuries old tradition of “working on the water”. ┬áLearn how watermen catch fish, crabs, oysters and clams, take part in hands-on demonstrations and discover what it truly takes to get our local seafood from the Chesapeake Bay to the table. Soak up the local history and culture of tidewater Virginia and take home your own special memories of a one-of-a-kind day on the water!

We encourage you to explore these pages and find a location, captain and a tour that is perfect for your needs. Get out of your office and enjoy theirs – Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries! We will see you on the water!


The Watermen Ecotours program has been highlighted in the latest edition of the Local Scoop. Click the image to the left to get to more information and to read the article.


The Waterman’s Heritage Tourism Training Program is detailed in a new YouTube video. Click the image to the right to view the video and hear Virginia Waterman’s Association president Ken Smith discuss the program.

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